Provider of lifting solutions and custom tools

CTX Lifting Solutions offers lifting solutions and custom-made lifting tools to customers in the renewable energy industry. CTX Lifting Solutions is a subsidiary company of CERTEX Danmark A/S - a leading supplier and partner for the wind power industry for more than 30 years. Our comprehensive skills, know-how, and experience are what characterize us, along with our “problem-solving” mentality. We work closely with the leading wind turbine manufacturers.

Safe solutions and full documentation

To compromise with safety and quality is never an option for CTX Lifting Solutions. We are a reliable partner who only delivers safe and approved products and solutions to our customers. When you receive your customized lifting gear, it is always CE-marked and comes with a full documentation package. Our products are designed in-house by our team of 10+ experienced engineers and built in our own production unit. We also offer a wide range of standard products, you can browse this site to see our assortment.

Worldwide services

CTX Lifting Solutions is part of the international Lifting Solutions Group, which means that we are present in 19 countries with more than 100 locations and can deliver worldwide products, services, and solutions. Lifting Solutions Group is part of Axel Johnson International.

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Lifting Solution Group

Lifting Solutions Group consists of 22 market-leading companies, many of which have been around for more than a century.

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