The way we do business

Being part of Lifting Solutions Group also means living up to the group's values. We know that our core values bind us together as well as set us apart from other market players. The values are an important guide for all companies and local employees in Lifting Solutions Group all over the world. CTX Lifting Solutions strive to make our values evident in everything we do and are.

Being far-sighted

We drive sustainable change. We have a preference for long-term commitments with the intention of staying in and serving the market.

Making things happen

We have a passion for business; we challenge, we take the initiative and we take on the responsibility for delivering what we promise.

Being good to work with

We inspire confidence through a genuine respect for people and relationships.

About CTX Lifting Solutions

We offer lifting gear, solutions and custom-made lifting tools to customers in the renewable energy industry.

Lifting Solution Group

Lifting Solutions Group consists of 22 market-leading companies, many of which have been around for more than a century.