CTX Blade Gripper

Universal lifting tool for wind turbine blades

How do you exchange your wind turbine blades and pitch bearings?

The CTX Blade Gripper is designed by our in-house engineering department to support you managing the blades during exchange, maintenance and repair jobs. The Blade Gripper is universal and can be adapted to different blade types up to WLL of 20 tons. The tool can be used in different set-ups such as e.g. blade installation and exchange, temporary storage during pitch bearing exchange or blade-repair jobs.


Good to know about the Blade Gripper

Universal lifting tool

For onshore blade installation and maintenance jobs (transport, mobilization, operation and

For all 37-72 m blades

Universal blade cradle system that fits all 37-72 m blades in both horizontal orientations

Optimized design

The cradle system is engineered to circumvent any blade indentation

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Universal Blade Gripper

Customized Solutions

We offer to customize lifting tools to match your job at hand.

CTX Tandem Tool

The CTX Tandem Tool is designed to provide additional approved lifting points to a chain hoist