CTX Tandem Tool

Additional lifting points to a chain hoist

The CTX Tandem Tool is designed to provide additional approved lifting points to a chain hoist

The Tandem Tool allows you to lift several separate loads with the same chain hoist, using the hoist chain as daisy chain. The Tandem Tool weighs only 1,25 kg and has a lifting capacity of 2 x 270 kg. It is also ASME, and CE approved. The CTX Tandem Tool is designed and developed in our in-house engineering department. If you need to lift many loads, you can easily add more Tandem Tools to the same chain and thus lift more efficiently. Note, however, that the lifting capacity of the hoist must not be exceeded. The Tandem Tool is already used by several of our customers in the Renewables industry, but it can also be used in all contexts where loads must be lifted by a chain hoist.


How the Tandem Tool works

The Tandem Tool is designed to interlock with the chain of the hoist.
It is recommended to use the hoist's original mechanical or electrical height stop.


  1. Attach Tandem Tool
  2. Attach lifting accessory (Optional)
  3. Attach tool bag/Item
  4. Raise the chain

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  1. Raise the chain
  2. Unload the tool bag/item
  3. Detach the Tandem tool

Go back to Step 1 for additional lifting points.

Good to know about the Tandem Tool

Comparing to a conventional lifting scenario the ground does not have to be prepared to store items before lifting. It could be directly loaded on the lifting point then raised up.

Comparing to an ”x-mas tree” setup the tandem setup allows easy fit in the hatch.

Comparing to a ”Daisy-chain” setup, each individual item can be raised to the ideal unloading height and by that avoiding heavy lifts from low points.

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User Manual CTX Tandem Tool

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