Our Lifting KnowHow is your advantage

To offer the kind of products and services that we do, requires certain skills and knowledge, which is something we, in our group, call “Lifting KnowHow”. Our Lifting KnowHow is based on many years of training and inspections as well as experience in standard products, customized solutions, services and support. We use our Lifting KnowHow every day and our employees receive continuous training to meet the requirements of our customers.

Zero lifting accidents

The Lifting KnowHow is important not only because our customers want an experienced supplier and partner, but because it is the safe way of working with heavy items. For many years we have delivered solutions that are innovative and designed to ensure safety. The Lifting KnowHow is essentially about both yours and our safety and our efforts to reduce the number of accidents that occur during lifting. Lifting Solutions Group has the shared ambition that our know-how must ensure a safer lifting workplace with zero lifting accidents. CTX Lifting Solutions is a subsidiary company to CERTEX Danmark A/S. You can learn more about The Lifting KnowHow by visiting www.certex.dk/en/Lifting-KnowHow.

Customized Solutions

We offer to customize lifting tools to match your job at hand.